About Us
GG's Soap Shop was started in March of 2016. 

With a growing need for soap with natural ingredients GG's Soap Shop was born. 

The mainstream soaps on the market are loaded with chemicals that irritate skin and have been known to cause illness, and disease. My soaps contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, for cleansing castor oil for rich lather, shea butter for moisturizing, palm oil for texture, cocoa butter for softening, sunflower oil for conditioning , olive oil for conditioning, macadamia oil for rejuvenating, and so much more. 

It is my belief that a product that you use everyday, multiple times a day should be nourishing to your skin and not detrimental to your system or the environment, because when you are finished using harmful chemicals and ingredients, they will be washed down the drain into the sewer, and then into our streams and rivers to poison our water systems and the living creatures that live there.

So help yourself and the environment by using natural products.

Enjoy GG's soaps.
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